About Us

VostroNet is the leading end-to-end internet infrastructure and software provider for multi-dwelling developments, delivering high-speed connectivity through our own fibre network.

We are different

We lead the industry in software-defined networks, harnessing software to optimise performance and user experience. Our entire network is monitored and maintained in real-time through our industry leading Q2 platform, proactively resolving issues and keeping our customers happy.

We’re good at what we do and we only do what we’re good at.

99% Positive Feedback on Customer Service
AFR 2017 Fast Starters Ranking
AFR 2017 Fast Starters Ranking
YouTube HD Verified ISP
VostroNet aims to drastically improve the way internet is delivered in Australia and New Zealand and raise users’ expectations for internet provision. We do not compromise on the quality of our network and the way we build it. We have been recognised for our performance in delivering quality internet and our commitment to customer satisfaction.

Actively contributing to the start-up and open-source scene

contributing to opensource on Docker Hub
contributing to opensource on GitHub
contributing to global network uptime with Ripe
VostroNet gives back to the community by actively contributing code to projects that are important to the ongoing development of our industry. We strongly believe in contributing to and promoting the start-up community to assist in developing the next generation of businesses and innovators.

Our Reach

VostroNet owns and maintains an established wholesale fibre network with our reach extending across Australia, New Zealand and USA. We manage our own network infrastructure on quality equipment ensuring a great user experience.

Underpinned by world-class technology, we deliver higher speeds, quality and affordability, via our advanced software-defined network.

Contact Details

VostroNet's support desk is here to help you 24/7, whether you have questions regarding our solutions or are looking for assistance to connect your devices to our network.

Users are encouraged to get in touch with us via email, facebook or through the phone numbers listed below.

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