VostroNet’s Advanced Software Redefines Hotel Wi-Fi Management

VostroNet has built an advanced property management platform to meet the needs of hotel operators.

After hearing many frustrated clients, VostroNet has designed its hotel network to provide an all-in-one solution to hotel operators and developers.

VostroNet’s advanced software platform provides management with visibility over its user base and provides the tools to easily administer users on the network. The platform also generates sophisticated analytics on user behaviour to aid management in optimising its offering for its users.

VostroNet offers operators a customised hotel branded log-in page to promote their brand. Its software analytics are then used to learn about guest/resident demographics to further improve hotel marketing and function.

Hotel operators and developers also have to purchase the PMS separate to the other infrastructure. Currently, a hotelier has to purchase the link into the building, find an electrical contractor to do cabling, find a Wi-Fi installation specialist, source a PMS to administer users to the network and find external contractors for upgrades to the system.

VostroNet acts as an end-to-end provider, providing a direct 10 Gbps fibre link to buildings, network installation, hotel property management software that peers with most PMS systems and expense free maintenance and upgrades to the network.


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