Our Platform

Our powerful intuitive platform places us a step above on the podium. Packed full of innovative features, easily integrated with other systems.

Fully Customisable

Our uniquely modular platform is tailored to each environment. The Q2 platform allows operators and building managers to dynamically adjust user, device and network management to their requirements without complex configuration or specialist network staff.
Internet and Wi-Fi Software Management Dashboard
Complete functionality available for hotels, co-working spaces and public Wi-Fi. The Q2 platform includes features such as room and resource management, auto account creation on check-in/out, optional billing and integration into major property management systems.
Internet and Wi-Fi Booking system and Coupons and Vouchers

User Aware and Knowledgeable

Know and support users from a dashboard full of useful widgets. Full visibility through a single click.
Internet and Wi-Fi User Management and Network Access Control

A smarter system to minimised stress, maximised uptime

The Q2 platform smartly monitors and manages the network to optimise performance and uptime, proactively alerting support staff where escalated engagement may be required.
Internet and Wi-Fi Network Reporting and Device Management

Analytics Reporting

Valuable data provided to enhance decision making

Peak Time Stats

Automatically generate reports on user patterns at different times and days, to better assess staffing requirements and identify real-time changes in user behaviour.

Staffing Alerts

Set alerts for management when user numbers reach certain levels so additional staff can be dispatched proactively.

Amenity Usage

Find out the usage and user habits at gyms, swimming pools and other common areas to better tailor the experience for your customers.


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