VostroNet provides high speed broadband services via fibre and wireless to highrise residential, student lodging and commercial buildings.
Life's too short to experience anything else.

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Awesome Features on the VostroNet Network


Next Generation network built for high usage users demanding up and coming technologies such as IPv6 and 802.11ac Wireless technology


Our approach is to deliver a scaling network which improves in performance as demand grows. Unprecedented and unrivalled within consumer, residential and lodging markets.


Our Internet backbone link has exceptional performance with speeds to high demand sites such as Google, YouTube, gaming and academic networks with direct connections through to buildings via dark fibre up to 10 gigabits per second with opportunity to increase with demand.


Using fibre technologies to our sites provides us with the ability to ensure uptime is maximised for our users. Wind, rain or storms won't disrupt our signal strength

Rock Secure

Using an array of technologies we provide additional transparent protection to our users all while not interfering with speed and performance.

Why VostroNet

Lets keep things simple. You want speed, performance and stabilty at an afforable rate.
Thats us! VostroNet is your network. Lifes too short to experience anything else.
Monthly plans
All our plans have the flexibility of being only monthly. We don’t lock in our customers for long periods. Our users stay with us because they want to.
No excess charges
Having a very high speed connection can help you download a lot of data quick! No worries on VostroNet. We simply slow you down a little to 128kbps. No excess charges here.
Design your plan
Everyone is different. Build the plan which best suits you. Higher usage or higher speed. Or both. Want a static IPv4 address. The choice is yours.