Building a better internet for
Student Accommodation and
Residential Precincts.
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VostroNet provides a national high-speed
internet network to purpose-built student
accommodation buildings and residential
tower precincts.
We are on track to be in 200 buildings by 2020
only $59 per month!
VostroNet delivers lightning-fast internet to new and existing residential buildings.
Learn how we can work with you on your next construction project.
We have pioneered the delivery of high speed, wireless internet to student accomodation properties
VostroNet has an international footprint with global connections
VostroNet is already operating in 20+

campuses, buildings and precincts

throughout Australia and New Zealand
VostroNet Starts
First user comes online
VostroNet launches in Sydney
First 1,000+ devices
VostroNet launches in Brisbane
VostroNet launches in Auckland
Melbourne comes online
VostroNet celebrates 15 live sites
15,000+ devices online
All sites upgraded to offer wireless
Additional 2500 users
We pride ourselves on delivering and pioneering Software Defined Networks, that lead to deployment and operational cost efficiencies
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VostroNet is here to make the web better and faster. That's why we continue to explore more ways to bring super fast internet to more people in more places