VostroNet continues to expand our fibre network

Our Network

VostroNet has been busily expanding its high-speed fibre network in metropolitan centres across Australia and New Zealand. Our software-driven network optimises performance and reliability.
Fibre Network and Internet Solution

Own Fibre with Extensive Network Reach

VostroNet owns and operates an extensive fibre network, delivering a comprehensive solution based on first-class network infrastructure and enhanced by our innovative software platform.
Fibre Network and Internet Solution

Dark Fibre

As a licensed carrier, VostroNet owns and maintains dedicated fibre connections in locations across Australia and New Zealand.
By managing the connection from the site all the way through to the data centre, we provide a great user experience.

Extended Network Options

Connect to our network via point-to-point links, on-net buildings or via cross-connect at one of our data centre points of presence. We offer dark fibre, lit ethernet layer-2 and IP transit layer-3 options to customers.

Software-Defined Network

Underpinned by world-class technology, we deliver higher speeds, quality and affordability, via our advanced software-defined network.

Peering Networks

VostroNet peers with leading networks and content providers